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320 EUR

L is for the way you look at my Woolings 
O is for the red
Australian wool I see 
V is very, very extraordinary 
E is even more than
endless love (with each pair)

Love is all that high red sneakers can give to you 
Love is more than just a game for two sneakers
covered with black water resistant layer.
Two in love can make it 
Take my
transparent back heel and rubber sole and please don't break it 
Love was made for me and you!

Like this model? The same is available in other colour combinations: 

Want to change some colour or create something completely unique? Everything is possible, just contact us and we will make your dreams come true! 


Woolings – lightness and freshness of Your feet, in the office and on the street. 

Woolings are light and warm shoes inspired by Russian felt boots valenki. They are made from 100% Australian wool covered with water resistant layer and accomplished with a non slip rubber sole. Woolings save warmth in winter and protect from the rainy days in autumn and spring; at the same time wool allows your skin to breath and maintain good health of your feet. 

Woolings come in different designs and colours. Both men and women can always find a pair that matches their personality. We believe in a concept of co-creation, so every customer has an opportunity to create a unique pair of Woolings shoes by choosing colours for the wool, sole, laces and the back side of the shoe. 

Contact numbers: 

+371 2 7455013 ( + whatsapp), 

+371 2 7781188, 

+33 632734367

m67543 – Skype, to schedule a conversation please drop us an email to m@woolings.com